Have a go at this test, take a minute, close your eyes and stand on one foot. How did you find that?! Was that hard? Now imagine having that same unsettled sense on two feet, as well as with your eyes open this time round. Most of us take Balance for granted. This is mechanically reinforced into our bodies from birth, nonetheless, evolving and adjusting as we grow and age. While basic balance is intrinsic, some of us are able to perfect or even master our balance through exercise and practice. Often we don’t think about our balance, up until of course, is lost.

Let’s promote Balance Awareness in our everyday life, by sharing your story and engaging with those affected.

Any person might not be conversant with the word “vestibular” – therefore relating to your inner ear, brain, and sense of balance; whereas a lot of us have possible experienced the difficultly or from time to time scary feeling when one temporarily lose their balance. This is all associated with the vestibular disorder of chronic imbalance, however, the symptoms can come on progressively over time or suddenly, sessions of giddiness and nausea can create lots of life’s more tedious tasks practically intolerable and those living with this condition life becomes challenging.

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