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Our students from the community in Ghana continues to cultivate in the sustainable ‘Gardening For The Future’. Frances Aboagye, Head Teacher Manhean Community School overseeing this initiative. Given the nature of the soil (clay), this ingenious idea of using old car tyres filled with black tropical soil to help with planting.

What is Black Soil

Black soil is called black soil fire. This coloured soil is black and it is made from the rocks of lava and rich in clay. Black soils are highly moisture-retentive, tremendously compact, and persistent when damp, being significantly compressed to generate deep, large cracks on drying and self-plowing. Black soils get very high productiveness recognitions and believe to be suitable for most vegetables.

Benefit of Black soils

Benefit of Black soils are rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium. The black soil is dark and glutinous with a clay-like quality. It holds well the moisture and becomes hard under dry conditions and sticky under wet environments. The soil contains less than 30 percent clay, wedge-shaped pedestrians, and cracks that regularly open and close.

Planting Seeds


So far, they have planted beans, cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes and okra. However, still exploring different vegetables to plant, they recently harvested some of the crops (beans and cabbage). This initiative started in 2019 and all pupils take part in their allocated patch of the garden; these are sectioned into class to make sure every child has an opportunity to experience the garden and nature of being outdoors and learning about the environment.


The class compete to have the best organic garden, making sure crops are watered and then replanting more seeds, so they can showcase their crops.  Also, the crops (fruits and vegetables) beans, cucumber, cabbage and many more thus given to children and teachers. This encourages the children to ensure that their garden is well looked after and the crops bearing good fruits for the hard work. This initiative has been a game changer, and the children are more enthusiastic to attend school.

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