‘Give A Child A Gift Appeal’!

‘Give A Child A Gift Appeal’!

Our Giving Season!

Our giving season is here, a season of goodwill, and as you know for most it is a time to celebrate, a time to reflect and moments many people give gifts. You may find that it is early to talk about Christmas and gifts, however, as November approaches, and for Merona it is a time to focus on giving to children who have excelled in academics, orphans, and those in need.  Acts of gratitude can have good benefit to our well-being as those of the people we help. As a result, our aim is to give out 150 gift parcels this year for the less fortunate.

The gifts parcels will be wrapped and distributed to the children such as; cuddly toys, T-shirt, toiletries, and wash towel. Educational games, skipping rope, football and stationery can be included in the gift parcels.

To help children this Christmas is the best gift to give and can be a brighter season.

Donate to: https://tinyurl.com/shdkvjjf

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