School Building Project

Kokono is a kindergarten school in the village of Akosombo; it is the only public education school in the area. The Kokono school building is unsafe, the building work is in an uncompleted stage and it does not have the fundamental necessity for teaching or tools to learn.

Our aim is to improve the school building so that the children from the village can attend school and have a place to learn and play.  The classroom space needs basic equipment such as chairs and desks. The teacher from the school is seeking support to better cater for the children’s education and to make the building a safe learning space.

There is much we take for granted. Young people need a secure place to learn and play. We are currently focusing our efforts into supporting the refurbishment of the school building. We are fundraising for this school project and need your help. You can support this school project by volunteering, taking up the 5K walking challenge, cycling, run wherever you can or donate your coffee change, or set your own challenge!

Help make a difference!

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